Psoriasis in Hair

Finding psoriasis in your hair and on your scalp can be frightening. I remember putting on a little black dress for a night out, brushing through my hair, and the scene resembling something out of a snow globe! It looked like I had the worst case of dandruff, and because of that I hated wearing dark coloured clothing. 

Psoriasis in your hair is more commonly known as 'scalp psoriasis', because it's not actually affecting your hair, it's the scalp itself that's become flaky and dry. Some people who experience scalp psoriasis might also notice their hair falling out in little patches. Whilst this may seem frightening at the time, the good news is ... it does grow back once you get the condition under control. 

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition that affects up to 3% of the population. It can appear anywhere on the skin or scalp and it can feel itchy or non-itchy. Psoriasis causes skin cells to multiply rapidly, often creating flakes and redness on the surface or the skin or indeed in the hair line. 

So what can we do about psoriasis in our hair? Medical treatments include coal tar shampoos, but coal tar is carginogenic and should most definitely be avoided if possible as it's not good to continue use over a long period of time. Plus I remember my ex boyfriend delightfully sharing with me that it made me smell like roadworks - charming! 

It's important to avoid using drying chemicals which can so often be a major ingredient in regular shampoo and conditioner products. Ingredients such as SLS are long term drying and can create more problems. I would highly recommend a natural alternative such as our Aloe Vera based Radiant Shampoo and Conditioner

In addition, I use this natural scalp oil in my hair on a regular basis (at least 3 times a week) Massaging in beneficial essential oils can help to calm and slow the overproduction of scalp cells and promote natural soothing. It's important to leave the oil in for as long as possible - preferably overnight, then wash out with a toxin-free shampoo

Using Dead Sea Salt to gently exfoliate the scalp can also be particularly beneficial. I like to use a homemade dead sea salt scrub (easily made using dead sea salts and almond oil) and massaging this into my hair whilst in the bath. I apply the scalp oil right after, wrap in a towel and sleep - allowing the oil to absorb into my hair. 

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  • Hi there. I am all the way in South Africa. I cannot afford your products. I am at my wits end with my scalp psoraisis. I have tries coal tar, steroid creams, coconut oil. Nothing works. Is there any substitute for your products i can use?


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