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Life changing information

I was at a point with my skin where I thought things would never improve for me. I thought right this is it for me, I am going to have to battle with this condition for the rest of my life ... how wrong was I!

Leoni Fenney

It really works!!

A few years before i had a flare up it took 6 months of failed creams before i could be referred for UVB treatment (which did clear it) but this diet is miles better as there no need to travel to the hospital 3 times a week and most of the ingredients can be bought cheaply!

Emily Stanford

Great Skin Plan

I'm nowhere near finished it yet but so far it's fantastic and full.of great advice about living a healthier lifestyle. The author has a great personal story too which appeals to me. It's not just an 'expert' spouting loads of theory at you.

Bobby Saresz


Peach Melba Toast

Peach Melba Toast

This toast is a kind of an excuse to eat dessert for breakfast! The bread I've used is by Seedful and it's their cranberry bread. I love it because it isn't too sweet. The lashings of cashew cream add the sweetness and the fruit tastes fresh and juicy. Just about the perfect combination ... now all I need is a sparkler :) 
Tomatoless Vegan Gluten Free Lasagne

Tomatoless Vegan Gluten Free Lasagne

Lasagne is one of my absolute favourite comfort foods! Whilst it can seem pretty involved to make, there are lots of bits and pieces you can prep in advance to make the job easier. I've used gluten free lasagne sheets, frozen tomatoless and a mushroom cream that I made with my pasta yesterday. You could add courgette, spinach or kale for greens, then it just needs to bake in the oven. 
Vegan Bangers and Butter Bean Mash

Vegan Bangers and Butter Bean Mash

I love a bit of comfort food on a Sunday evening. This delicious vegan sausage and butter bean mash is warm, filling and ever so tasty!