Candida Support Pack
Candida Support Pack
Candida Support Pack
Candida Support Pack
Candida Support Pack

Candida Support Pack

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Our Candida support pack is designed to offer all the supplements you need to be used for one month in conjunction with our free candida cleanse. 

Full Spectrum Turmeric £32

Our TurmaForte® Full Spectrum Turmeric is an advanced, clinically-proven, organic Turmeric, harnessing a proprietary extraction process to provide not just one but three therapeutically active constituents of this beneficial plant, including curcuminoids, turmerosaccharides and turmerone volatile oils.

Multi Strain Biotic (90g powder) £35

A high strength (30 billion), unique complex of 8 strains of bacteria in powder form to support shifts in bacteria or flora. For all year round use, while travelling in hygeine-compromised locations, after a course of medication and if your diet was once high in sugar, caffeine or alcohol. 

Milk Thistle Tincture (100ml) £13.50

Milk Thistle works by protecting specialised immune cells in the liver that scoop up and destroy bacteria, toxins and other foreign matter. By protecting these cells, Milk Thistle helps keep the liver healthy and up to the task of clearing toxins from our bodies.

Pau D'arco Tincture (100ml) £13.50

Pau D'Arco contains an active ingredient named Lapachol, which has been shown to break down Candida cells. It can form an important part of your Candida  treatment plan.

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