Hanna Sillitoe's story has featured in the Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun, Manchester Evening News and many glossy magazines including Women's Fitness, Health and Fitness, Top Sante and more. Hanna also write's a regular column for Free From Magazine.

Dropbox images are available for press use including before and after images with signed publicity consent forms from relevant parties. Hanna Sillitoe is based near Manchester, UK - not far from Media City - and more than happy to offer radio and television interviews in person or via ISDN. She is also available for chef demonstrations, workshops, public speaking and seminars.

The PR team at Kyle Books can also assist with providing recipe content, images and excerpts from my book Radiant. Please contact us here for press enquiries.




Hanna has started a blog, published a book that’s sold 14,000 copies and says she’s been inundated with messages from people around the globe who’ve seen significant improvements with their skin problems. She’s now given up her job as an interior designer to run retreats to help people fellow sufferers. READ ARTICLE

DAILY MAIL 22/05/18

"Skincare guru who 'cured' her psoriasis with her own diet plan claims she could save the NHS MILLIONS - as she shares followers' jaw-dropping transformations" READ ARTICLE 


DAILY MAIL 04/11/17

"A woman whose 20-year battle with psoriasis and eczema was so severe she was told her only treatment option was chemotherapy has found a 'cure' through diet." READ ARTICLE



"A woman who suffered from excruciating skin conditions for most of her life says a plant-based diet changed everything. Hanna Sillitoe was blighted by acne, eczema and psoriasis for more than 20 years." READ ARTICLE


DAILY MAIL 23/02/17

"Psoriasis sufferer who wrapped her skin in coconut oil and CLING FILM to stop the itching claims she's cured her skin with a bespoke diet (but insists you don't have to eat 'green sludge')" READ ARTICLE


HK DAILY 11/05/17


現年38歲、居於曼徹斯特的室內設計師西利托(Hanna Sillitoe),患牛皮癬多年。在35歲時,她的皮膚問題與健康跌至低點。她說,除了皮膚佈滿紅色皮疹和不斷脫皮外,她出現尿道感染、血壓升至危險水平、超重和整日感覺疲倦。READ MORE



"An interior designer who was plagued by psoriasis for more than 20 years claims to have cured herself of the chronic skin condition...by following a plant-based diet." READ ARTICLE


THE SUN 04/11/17

"A WOMAN who battled psoriasis and eczema for 20 years has created a diet she says has "cured" her - after doctors said her only treatment option was chemotherapy." READ ARTICLE