Cleanse Programme

Cleanse Programme

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The Total Cleanse Programme comprises of three products: Food-Grown® Total Cleanse Complex, Food-Grown® Antioxidant Boost and Food-Grown® Balance Multi Nutrient together with a 28-day dietary programme with health tips and recipes. Our 28-day Total Cleanse Programme looks beyond the faddy ‘detox’ promoting instead healthy balanced meals. Nutritionist Henrietta Norton has formulated a cleanse that harnesses a functional medicine approach, working on the body's biochemistry and cellular health. A programme that works from the root up, with deep results.

Key Benefits

  • Hormone support at all life stages, skin support, energy and metabolism
  • Synergistic formulations specific to our biochemistry
  • Exclusive expert nutritional guide included in programme box

    Find out why Wild Nutrition's complex Food-Grown formula can benefit your skin.

    About Wild Nutrition

    I have been asked time and time again over the years which vitamins I'd recommend and my suggested dosage. My book Radiant outlines the vitamins I think are most important when it comes to healing skin, but not all vitamin brands are created equal.

    I absolutely love Wild Nutrition who are the UK's first manufacturer of FOOD-GROWN supplements. This is not simply about the vitamin itself. It's about the absorption of that vitamin into your system. After all, the vitamin alone is pretty pointless if your body can't utilise it correctly. 

    Wild Nutrition Founder Henrietta Norton explains; 

    "After seven years of intense research, I became aware of the principles and benefits of Food-Grown® supplements - essential nutrients combined and grown in live food to create a nutrient-rich food complex that the body can absorb easily and use effectively.

    By using high grade ingredients, Food-Grown® technology and an approach to formulation that considers the cause as well as the symptoms - I created a range of supplements that challenged and changed the vitamin industry for the better."


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