Wild Blackberry Crumble - gluten free vegan

The blackberries down the lane where I live have gone crazy this year! It seems like an endless supply. Buying them in the shops can be expensive, so you might want to chop up apples to go in this dish if blackberries alone ensure it costs a small fortune! If you're lucky enough to have a wild source then get picking! 


500g berries (mine are blackberries and redcurrants)

100g coconut oil

200g gluten free oats

100g almond flour

3 tbsp maple syrup

Pinch of salt


Add the berries to a ceramic flan dish

Warm the coconut oil until melted and stir in the rest of the ingredients

Allow to cool, then spoon over the berries and oven bake for approx 30mins at 180C until the top starts to turn golden

Serve warm

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  • Could I substitute oat flour instead of almond flour


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