Vegan Unicorn Blackberry Cheesecake

I'm not a big fan of recipe blogs where you have to scroll down paragraphs of - let's face it - self indulgent waffle to get to the recipe. GIMME THE INGREDIENTS LIST ALREADY!!! That said ... today's recipe calls for a little self indulgent waffle! (so scroll down past the pic if you can't be bothered reading it) 

Do you ever feel you're on a little hamster wheel struggling to get off? Life can be so non-stop sometimes. My weekend was mostly spent staring at a laptop screen, aside from an hours break to go food shopping. As I drove up the lane where I live I saw a guy with a bucket stealing my blackberries! OK, it's a public footpath and the blackberries were technically not mine to steal - but I'd had my eye on those beauties all week. I vowed to most definitely grab myself a bucket on Monday morning and pick what was left. Monday morning came and back to my screen :( by 8pm it was looking all dark and dusky outside. So I snapped the laptop shut and went out foraging! 

Here is the result of that little mission. One part blackberry, one part redcurrants (which are mine because they're in the garden!) 



150g chopped dried dates

150g mixed nuts - or almonds

100g coconut oil

2 tbsp raw cacao


300g cashews

1 tin coconut milk

Juice of 1 lemon

3 tbsp maple syrup

You'll need fresh or frozen berries too. I'd recommend at least 100g of each. More will create a stronger flavour and darker colour



Pulse the base ingredients in a food processor. Press into a springform cake tin and pop in the freezer to set

Divide the cashews between 2 nutribullet cups and cover each with enough boiling water to go just above the nuts. Leave to soak and cool for 1 hour

Divide the remaining layer ingredients equally between the cups - add blackberries to one and redcurrants to the other (you could use raspberries or cherries here too)

Blitz the layer ingredients until super smooth

Pour the darker colour over the base and return to the freezer to set (usually a couple of hours)

Pour the second layer over the first and place in the freezer (another couple of hours)

Decorate with blackberries and allow to thaw a little before serving


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  • Are you supposed to drain the water from the nuts? Important step?

    Kayla Bauman

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