Vegan Gluten Free Nightshade Free Pizza

When it comes to favourite foods pizza has got to be right up there in my top 3! When I learned that healing my skin pretty much involved excluding every component of pizza from my diet I could have cried! And now look ... a pizza without any of those things and it tastes amazing. Check out this little video I made of me throwing the toppings on. You don't have to copy mine, add whatever you like. I've used violife parmesan cheese which is just brilliant instead of dairy cheese. 



Pizza Base

1 sweet potato 

100g gluten free flour (you might need more)

1 tbsp nutritional yeast

1 tsp mixed Italian herbs



100ml tomatoless sauce

1 tsp mixed Italian herbs

4 tbsp fresh pesto

50g artichoke hearts

Handful of pine nuts

50g vegan cheese

50g wild mushrooms


Peel and boil the sweet potato until soft and allow to cool

Add to a food processor along with your flour, nutritional yeast, herbs and salt and combine. You need to form a dough, so keep adding flour until the mixture sticks together well and can be kneaded

Remove from the food processor, knead for a couple of minutes. Then grease a sheet of baking paper with olive oil and roll the dough out onto it in a circle

Put the pizza base in the oven at 170C for 10 - 15 minutes

In a pan add the tomatoless sauce and cook over a high heat. You're wanting it to bubble so that it thickens. Add the Italian herbs and garlic. You'll need to cook it for 5 to 10 mins until it's thick, then allow to cool

Remove the pizza base from the oven. Spoon the sauce onto the pizza base and spread evenly

Add the mushrooms, pesto, artichokes and cheese and return to the oven for 8 - 10 minutes until warmed through

Slice and serve


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  • Hello Chris, it is … but it depends a little bit on the size of the potato … I usually make two small pizzas with this quantity. Hanna x

    Hanna Sillitoe
  • Is this recipe for an individual pizza?

  • Hey KJ, if you find nightshades in particular an issue, check out The Vegan Kind website. They have a huge range of ‘cheese’ options, included grated pizza cheese! Which is nightshade free :) Hanna x

    Hanna Sillitoe
  • Is the potato starch in the vegan cheese ok for all with psoriasis?


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