Pretty Papaya Bowl

Aside from being super beautiful, this gorgeous breakfast bowl is brilliantly beneficial for the skin.

Papaya is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and nutrients, and this fruit has numerous benefits to offer for your skin. Papaya is also an excellent source of folate and a good source of potassium and fibre.

It is a great source of vitamin A and Papain, which help in removing dead skin cells and also breaks down the inactive proteins. 

Aside from the skin, here are some more amazing health benefits

  • It contains potassium, which helps keep blood pressure under control.
  • It helps improve eyesight
  • Papaya boosts immunity. Beta-carotene in papaya boosts the immune system and helps it function better
  • Recurrent ear infections, cold and flu can be prevented by papaya.
  • Papaya protects you from heart diseases. The nutrients in it help prevent oxidation of cholesterol

Apart from all that goodness, papaya also tastes delicious. Like rich, sweet caramel. In the UK supermarkets are beginning to stock them for summer and I find these huge ones easy and relatively inexpensive at my local Indian supermarket. 

To whizz up this beautiful papaya bowl simply blitz frozen berries with a little water in the nutribullet until it forms a sorbet-like texture. Scoop out the papaya seeds and some of the papaya flesh, set to one side and fill the papaya with frozen sorbet. Add kiwi, banana, raspberry and anything else you enjoy. Sprinkle with seeds. The sour berry taste perfectly contrasts the sweet sweet papaya. Pretty and delicious. 

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