Passionfruit & Mango Vegan Cheesecake

I love this recipe. I mean, I always love cheesecake .. but this version is particularly bright, beautiful and delicious. It's easy to whip up and you can store it in the freezer until you're ready to enjoy. Thaw for 45 mins before serving or switch to the fridge for a few hours to allow it to soften.


150g dried chopped dates

150g mixed nuts

150mg coconut oil (warmed so liquid)

Pinch of pink salt


150g cashews

2 tsp vanilla

150g frozen mango

2 tbsp maple syrup

Tin of coconut milk 

Juice of 1 lemon

2 passionfruit


Blitz the base ingredients in a food processor and press into a springform cake tin

Soak the cashew by covering with boiling water in a nutribullet cup for 1 hour

Add the mango, vanilla, maple, coconut milk and lemon juice and blend for 2 minutes until super smooth (you may have to do it in 2 batches as it's a lot for 1 nutribullet cup)

Pour the mango blend over the base layer and return to the freezer to set

Serve with spoonfuls of passionfruit on top of the cake

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