Creamy Vegan Tomato (less) Spaghetti

Woah, game changer!! I'm currently working on recipes for book two. I'm as excited as you are to get my second book on the shelves with lots more information to make skin friendly meals simple and full of delicious recipes to share how exciting plant powered food really can be. I have got to post this recipe for you, because if you use my tomato-less sauce you need to try this!! 

If you're unsure why I'm eliminating tomatoes ... they're a nightshade and potentially problematic for psoriasis and other auto-immune related skin conditions. It's worth eliminating them if you think they might be a trigger. Find out more about nightshades right here

Today whilst lazing on my sun lounger (it's a bank holiday Monday here in the UK and I've been replacing the roof and packaging boxes all weekend - so this was my hour off!) a thought popped into my head. What if I combined my tomato-less sauce with a creamy cashew base to create that lovely tomatoey flavour you get in Italian restaurant pasta dishes. 

At weekends I tend to put a big pan of tomato-less ingredients on the stove to cook so that I have sauce for the whole week (it also freezes brilliantly). So I've literally just made this and have to share it with you because it's my absolute favourite pasta dish yet! I've used rice spaghetti but you can use whichever you prefer - or sweet potato spaghetti if you prefer to spiralise. 


INGREDIENTS (serves 2)

200g Spaghetti (I used gluten free rice pasta)

250ml tomato-less sauce (from my book Radiant) 

50g cashews (soak for half an hour in boiling water, then drain)

2 big handfuls of spinach

Fresh basil leaves

Sprinkling of pine nuts

Juice of half a lemon

Salt and pepper 


Boil a pan of water and add the spaghetti

Meanwhile blitz the tomato-less sauce and soaked cashews together in a nutribullet until they form a creamy texture - the sauce will look pale pink. Add to a pan and gently warm

Once the pasta has cooked, drain and add the spinach and a pinch or two of salt. Stir through well. The heat of the pasta should wilt the spinach

Stir the creamy tomato-less sauce through the pasta and spinach

Add a little lemon juice and salt and pepper to season

Serve dressed with fresh basil leaves and toasted pine nuts 

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