Chickpea Vegan Nuggets

These are such a brilliant little snack idea! Quick and simple to make with store cupboard ingredients, I just love the fact you can keep them in the fridge or freeze them if you want to make something to keep on hand. 


1 tin chickpeas (mostly drained but don't worry if not completely) 

75g gluten free flour

Salt (to season)

1 pinch garlic salt

1 tsp mixed italian herbs 

1 tbsp olive oil


2 tbsp coconut oil for frying


Add everything to the food processor and pulse together. You might need to stir with a spoon part way through to ensure the mixture is evenly combined

Form into little nugget shapes and pop in the fridge

Heat the coconut oil in a pan and fry the nuggets

I've served with BBQ sauce which is the tomatoless sauce in my book + maple syrup + tamari and a few drops of hickory wood smoke (buy on amazon)

You could also make the sour cream sauce to dip

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  • Hey Shay, the brand I like to use is this one as it does not contain any gluten or potato starch. I buy on Amazon or in UK health stores. Is it possible to find a similar brand in NY? For this recipe I used PLAIN not Self Raising. Hope this helps :)

    Hanna Sillitoe
  • Hi, Thank you for this recipe. What GF flour is recommended? Do we make our own for this or is there a recommended brand?Would this be the same as the self-raising flour? I’m from New York.


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