Celery Juice

My article about the super skin healing benefits of celery will explain why this juice can be incredibly beneficial if you're struggling with a skin condition. 

Celery is very strong tasting, I actually quite like the taste but I know many people that struggle drinking it as a juice. If you find this recipe difficult to drink, add a little more apple and reduce the amount of celery until your taste buds adapt. 

NOTE: A juicer is very different to a nutribullet or blender. This recipe is intended for a juicer. Do not drink if pregnant or if you suffer from serious kidney conditions.



5 sticks of celery

1 apple

Half a lemon

Small chunk of ginger (size of thumbnail) 

Handful of parsley


Run all the ingredients through your juicer and drink right away - or freeze if you're juicing in bulk

Juices always taste better cold, so add ice before drinking

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  • Hi there, is there any reason why you wouldn’t make this in a nutribullet?

    Anne chatterton

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