Beetroot Ginger & Apple Pancakes

Beetroot is so good for our skin. 

Drinking a glass of juice purifies blood and eliminates toxins, leaving us with a healthy and glowing complexion. Beetroots are also rich in Vitamin Cwhich helps in clearing blemishes and evens out skin tone while giving it that natural glow. Beetroot tastes pretty earthy and that's why it works so well with lighter, fresh flavours such as apple, ginger and lemon.

I love the bright, vibrant colour of these pancakes! They're so pretty and delicious. 


INGREDIENTS (makes 10 - 15 small pancakes)

1 raw beet

5 small apples

Small chunks of root ginger

1 cup of  flour (I use a tea mug) 

1 mug of nut milk (I use a tea mug) 

1 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp coconut oil for frying

Handful of flaked almonds

Squeeze of lemon

1 fresh nutmeg (for grating) 

Flax seeds (for decoration)

Rose petals (for decoration)

Pinch of salt

2tbsp Maple syrup


Just the beet and one apple with a small chunk of ginger. Add the juice to your blender cup

Add the flour, baking powder, a pinch of salt and nut milk and blend until it forms a smooth batter. If the batter is too thin add a little more flour (this will depend on how much juice your juicer extracts from the beet and apple) 

Add the coconut oil to the pan and warm gently

Slowly pour in the batter, cooking the pancake for a minute or two until you're able to flip it. Stack those pancakes on a plate

Once you've used all the batter, add a little more coconut oil to the pan and place the sliced apples into the oil, add a drizzle of maple and pinch of salt. Warm gently and flip without letting them burn

Add the flaked almonds to the pan last and switch off the heat

Stack the pancakes layered with apples. Squeeze over lemon juice and sprinkle with freshly grated nutmeg and flaxseeds

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  • Brilliant.I would love to try it.
    Which flour do you use for this ?


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