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It's Halloween today and in the run up to a night of overhyped miniature ghouls knocking at the door, I thought I would share my own fiendishly frightening DIY Face Mask. Okay, so these are nowhere near as scary, and actually come with lots more incredible skin benefits than you'll find in a sugar filled bag of tangtastics - but you get the idea! 

My FREE mud mask guide features the following beneficial mud masks. You can request your download here!  

  1. DIY Acne Face Mask
  2. DIY Psoriasis Face Mask
  3. DIY Hydrating Face Mask
  4. DIY Eczema Face Mask
  5. DIY Rosacea Face Mask

If you suffer from a particular skin condition, the mask specific to you can offer some wonderful, natural relief. If you simply fancy trying to make your own DIY Face Mask, why not try them all? Each mask is made using the same base ingredient 'Bentonite Clay', the addition of specific essential oils and salts offers extra healing benefits depending on the condition you're suffering from.  

After rinsing off the mask, it's important to rehydrate your skin using a natural serum. This soothing serum is my absolute favourite. Free of toxins and containing only natural ingredients, it's incredibly hydrating and soothing for problem skin. 

Bentonite Base

Each face mask is based on one simple ingredient ... Bentonite Clay. Many people think this is a relatively new thing, but our ancestors have been using this incredible clay for skin and health for thousands of years. Also known as montmorillonite, calcium bentonite or green clay - its recent resurgence in popularity can most definitely be put down to the fact that many of us are returning to natural health and wellness products.

Bentonite is made from volcanic ash, and the largest source of it in the USA is from Fort Benton, Montana - hence the name BENTONite.

When this wonder clay comes into contact with liquid, it produces an electrical charge that binds toxins, making them easier to flush from the body. This makes it a superhero at removing heavy metals, chemicals, and impurities from the skin and digestive system. When used as the base for a natural DIY face mask, it binds and removes toxins, allergens, and bacteria. It will suck all the bad, clogged up dirt out of your pores and any open wounds, and its antibacterial properties are a bonus.

According to research published in the Journal of General Microbiology, the fungal infections that contribute to skin conditions carry a positive charge. When it comes into contact with water, Bentonite clay being negatively charged will attract and draw out the infection, helping to clear the condition. It’s antibacterial properties when applied externally help to calm itching and speed up the healing time of open wounds.

When the Bentonite clay mask is applied to the skin, it has been shown to provide immediate relief from the itching caused by conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. This therefore doesn't have to be solely a Face Mask, but it can be used as a whole body mask - if you feel comfortable covering yourself in mud. (believe me, there's something very childish and fun about it!) 

1. DIY Face Mask for Acne

We're often quick to assume that acne is primarily associated with oily skin, but dry skin can most definitely be a cause of acne flares too. Acne occurs whenever the hair follicles in your skin get clogged. Oil is therefore often responsible, but dead skin cells, make up, cosmetic products, dirt and bacteria can also clog pores causing breakouts and blemishes.

This face mask is particularly wonderful for acne as it not only contains bentonite clay, I've also added drops of tea tree oil - both are designed to clean pores and reduce inflammation.

2. DIY Face Mask for Psoriasis

Whilst psoriasis most commonly affects the limbs and torso, a scalp psoriasis flare can creep down the hairline and onto the forehead or nape of the neck. This DIY Face Mask is particularly brilliant, not just for facial psoriasis but for scalp psoriasis too. Using Dead Sea Salt in any face mask is going to make it sting when it comes into contact with open skin - that said, the mineral properties of the Dead Sea are so fantastic, they can have a hugely beneficial impact on conditions such as psoriasis. If you can bear with the stinging sensation this mask offers wonderful healing properties for soothing psoriasis. 

3. DIY Face Mask for Hydration

Throughout the winter months I still find my skin can get dry and prone to cracking, especially if I've got the heating cranked up fully at home. This DIY Face Mask is a slippery little beast, but incredibly hydrating and therefore perfect if you struggle with a dry complexion. 

4. DIY Face Mask for Eczema

Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a skin condition that is associated with redness, itching, dryness, scaly spots, flaking and crusting and in severe cases results in cracking or bleeding of the skin. Bentonite Clay soothes and calms inflamed eczema, making this mask perfect for use on the body and arms as well as the face. The addition of Eucalyptus oil offers many amazing extra benefits. Fresh and earthy, its main ingredient is eucalyptol, which has traditionally been used as an effective treatment for offering natural relief and soothing inflammation.

5. DIY Face Mask for Rosacea

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that is often mistaken for acne and is, in some regards, quite similar in appearance. However, rosacea is a permanent condition that flares on the cheeks and nose area.

As well as the soothing properties of bentonite clay, this mask contains Geranium Oil which is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps stimulate lymphatic drainage through the skin. Geranium also helps regulate sebum production. The addition of turmeric in this mask benefits rosacea as it modulates our immune response and reduces inflammation. It further promotes overall skin health by moisturising and healing dry or damaged skin. 



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  • Hello Liz, it’s so dark isn’t it! With the clocks going back it feels like 5pm is 10pm this week :) Here is the link to the clay I used. It was a fiver on Amazon and lasts for absolutely ages because you really don’t need much per mask There are no nasty ingredients, but even with my natural recipes I always recommend a little patch test first to check skin does not react badly. And I would avoid the Dead Sea Salt mask because it will sting. You can Download my mask recipes by clicking the link at the top of the article.

    Hanna x

    Hanna Sillitoe
  • Really want to give a homemade face mask a try, especially with the dark, cold nights approaching.
    Just two simple questions;
    Where can I buy the clay from
    in the UK?
    And I’m guessing because there are no ‘nasty’ ingredients that these are for little people’s skin as well?


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