20 Weird and Wonderful Psoriasis Facts

Boiled vipers, urine onions and sea salt and snorting Liam Gallagher's scalp psoriasis ... the weird and wonderful facts about psoriasis you may not have heard before. 

1. 125 million people around the world have psoriasis

2. Psoriasis is referenced in the Old Testament where it's called 'Tzaaarat'

3. In olden days, psoriasis sufferers were considered contagious and burnt at the stake

4. Kept under wraps for thousands of years, psoriasis first showed up when Egyptian mummies were unearthed

5. One of the earliest treatment options for psoriasis involved a bizarre concoction of onions, sea salt, and urine

6. Around half of all psoriasis sufferers have flakes on their scalp

7. Suicide is more prevalent amongst those with psoriasis where it's 20% more likely

8. Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine used pine tar from the pine tree to treat psoriasis

9. Thirty perfect of people with psoriasis will go on to develop arthritis

10. Every year more than 20,000 children under 10 years of age are diagnosed with psoriasis

11. Liam Gallagher has psoriasis and told NME magazine that a fan assumed his flakey scalp was cocaine and tried to snort it

12. Psoriasis is rarer in China where it only affects 0.5% of the population

13. If one parent has psoriasis, a child has about a 10% chance of having psoriasis. If both parents have psoriasis, a child has approximately a 50% chance of developing the disease

14. In the United States, it affects about 7.5 million people, and there are about 150,000 new cases every year

15. The word "psoriasis" was first used by physician Aelius Galenus in 133-200 A.D. Alongside arsenic, he suggested applying a broth in which a viper had been boiled!

16. 60 percent of people with psoriasis reported their disease to be a large problem in their everyday life

17. Psoriasis is in no way contagious

18. Psoriasis comes from the greek word psora meaning to itch

19. The psoriasis drugs market is predicted to be worth $21.11 billion in 2022

20.  More recent research has revealed that people with psoriasis are more likely to have diabetes, high blood lipids and cardiovascular disease


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  • Hanna, why do you think they are “wonderful” facts? All the “facts” you have written down, where are the evidence to back these claims?

  • Wow, that was depressing. Maybe rename Weird and True Psoriasis Facts. There was no wonderful…


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