20 Weird and Wonderful Eczema Facts


  1. Eczema is more common in kids. It affects 11% of US children and 7% of US adults
  2. 50% of children with eczema are sensitive to cow’s milk protein
  3. 80% of people who get eczema develop the condition before their fifth birthday
  4. Eczema is one of the most common skin conditions in the UK, affecting ten per cent of adults and 20 per cent of children
  5. Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge has spoken about being bullied at school for her eczema
  6. The make up Brad Pitt was required to wear for his part in the Benjamin Button movie aggravated his skin and caused an eczema flare
  7. Nicole Kidman has spoken openly about her eczema, stating that her fair skin often turns bright red during cold snaps
  8. The first documented eczema treatments were found in the papyri of Ancient Egypt
  9. Fish oil and rotten cereal were some of the ancient day treatments suggested for eczema
  10. Egyptians used tar to treat eczema 
  11. Over 70% of adults admit feeling depressed as a result of the disease
  12. 31.6 million Americans are estimated to have symptoms of eczema
  13. Hand dermatitis accounts for 20–35% of all US eczema cases
  14. Studies have found that almost two thirds of children and young people with atopic eczema also had a food allergy
  15. Eczema manifests in the most visible places for adults ... 52% have their head and neck affected, 50% have their hands affected
  16. Itching is cited as the most irritating part of the condition. It can often be severe enough to interfere with sleep causing tiredness and inability to concentrate at school or work
  17. Singer Adele recently stated her eczema first flared whilst coping with the stress and tiredness of soothing her newborn baby
  18. 88% of patients saying that the management of their eczema impacts on their daily lives
  19. If one or both parents have eczema it is more likely that their children will develop it too. Approximately one third of children with AE will also develop asthma and/or hay fever
  20. Tobacco smoke, chemicals and particularly hot or cold weather can all trigger eczema flares

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